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G.O.Ms.No.38,  MA&UD  (M) Department dated:09.04.2021 Guidelines for  selection and finalization of MIG layout  sites

 Development of MIG
Layouts/smart townships in Urban Local Bodies/Development Authorities -
Constitution of Committees at District Level and State Level– Guidelines on
identification of sites and for acquisition – Orders

G.O.Ms.No.38          Dated:09.04.2021

  1. From the DTCP, AP Lr.Roc.No. 1695 /2021/ P, dt:22-03-2021
  2. G.O.Rt.No.130, MA&UD (M) Department, dt:23.03.2021.
  3. Government Memo. No.1373004/M2/2021, Dated:26.03.2021
  4. G.O.Ms.No.487 Revenue     (Land     Acquisition)     Department,     dated: 29.11.2019
  5. From the DTCP, AP Lr.Roc.No. 1695 /2021/ P, dt:30-03-2021


The Government have observed that, middle class people  are  approaching Real Estate developers and purchasing plots in unapproved layouts and thereby resulting in haphazard growth of town and cities leading to legal disputes, traffic problems and lack of lung space, physical and social infrastructure etc.

  1. In order to promote planned/integrated developments of various towns by providing the basic infrastructure facilities and to safeguard the interest of the public at large by ensuring availability of clear title residential plots at affordable prices, the

Government in the G.O 2nd read above have constituted District and State Level Committees along with Terms of Reference and Guidelines for development of MIG Layouts in Urban Local Bodies/Development Authorities. The Government in the reference 3rd read above have also clarified that the Chairman of District Level Committee is Joint Collector, (Raithu Barosa & Revenue).

  1. The Government in the reference 4th read above, had earlier issued orders for acquisition of land through Voluntary
  2. In the light of above GOs, in the reference 5th read above, the DTCP, AP has requested the Government to issue certain modifications to the G.O 2nd read above along with guidelines for identification of sites and acquiring  the identified  sites  as per the G.O 4th read
  3. After careful examination of the matter and to remove ambiguity and in supersession of orders issued vide G.O 2nd read above, Government hereby issue following orders for constitution of Committees at the District and the State  Level  along with guidelines to be followed for identification of sites in Annexure – 1 and Revised Demand Survey Format in Annexure – 2, as following:

2.           The following  Committee is constituted at  District Level:


1Joint Collector (Raithu Barosa &  Revenue)Chairman

Metropolitan          Commissioner/          Vice Chairperson   of   concerned   Development


3Commissioner of  concerned ULBMember
4Superintendent  Engineer (Public Health)Member

Commissioner,     District    Head    quarters

Municipal Corporation

  • Role and Responsibility of the District Level Committee for identification of Sites and Acquiring:

 To estimate the Land required in ULBs /DAs.

  • The Committee ay the District level will identify the lands as per  the criteria  now enclosed to the G.O  (Annexure-1)
  • Since the responsibility of development of affordable middle income group layouts lies with the MA&UD Department, after  the JC’s identify the  lands,  they will send it to the State Level Committee for scrutiny which in turn  will submit its recommendations to the Government for written consent before acquiring the


3.      The following  State Level Committee is hereby  constituted STATE  LEVEL COMMITTEE


Commissioner    &    Director    of Municipal

Administration, AP

2Managing Director,  AP TIDCOMember
3Director of Town & Country Planning,  APMember-Convenor
4VC,  APHB/APRSC LtdMember


The Municipal Commissioner concerned/VC or MC of Development Authority concerned shall present the proposals to the State Level Committee whenever required.


3.1         The Roles and Responsibility of the State  Level  Committee  for  approving the lands  identified:

 At least two (2) members of the Committee will personally inspect each site and place before Committee before the clearance is is given

  1. The Committee will strictly follow parameters prescribed by the Government in this G.O and its Annexures and send the proposals with specific recommendations to the Government for issue of necessary orders for  acquiring the lands and also suggest the implementing agency for the said project.
  2. The State Level Committee shall also carry out any other work entrusted to it by the Government from time to time in this regard under the MIG project to steer and materialize the deliverables in time bound manner.
  1. The implementing agency based on the approval orders issued by the Government shall send the requisition to the District Collector concerned to initiate    the land acquisition process as stipulated in O 4th read above.
  2. All the officials mentioned in the address entry shall take further necessary action accordingly

Annexure -1 to G.O.Ms.No.38,  MA&UD  (M) Department dated:09.04.2021

Guidelines for  selection and finalization of MIG layout  sites:

  1. The location of the site proposed for MIG layouts shall have  demand  for  house
  2. Interior areas which do not have any future growth shall be
  3. Existing employment opportunities available in the area  need  to  be  considered to decide site
  4. Site should have existing approach As far as possible, avoid lands having weak soil bearing
  5. The site should be on elevated ground. It should have appropriate slope to afford good facility of drainage. Site prone to submergence due to heavy rains shall be
  6. Sites nearer to ponds, pools of water, water logged areas must be
  7. The site should be contiguous and as far as possible regularThe source for Potable water should be
  8. The surrounding of site should be expandable.
  9. The orientation of site should be such that it receives natural light and air in plenty.
  10. The location of site is such that the common facilities like school,  transportation, medical facilities etc are within reasonable
  11. Within ULB maximum 3 KM from developed area in case  of  Municipality, within ULB or maximum 5 Km from the developed area in case of Municipal Corporations.
  12. Nearby contiguous to the Pedalandariki illu
  13. Cost involved in providing trunk infrastructure and Cost for Infrastructure development shall be kept in mind while selecting the site preferably existing infra / Jagananna
  14. Site selected must be free from
  15. Master plan Land use to be considered. If site is suitable for residential development and requires CLU, the same shall be
  16. Demand survey shall be conducted by the respective Municipal  Commissioners of all ULBs and Nagar panchayats for assessing the demand  for MIG plots through ward secretariats and shall place before  concerned district level committees for further action. The Survey Format is annexed with this order for necessary

Three (3) categories of plot with the following size and household income is proposed:

CategoryPlot sizeHousehold income
MIG – I150 Sq.Yards


For households with an annual income of above Rs. 3.00 lakhs and up to Rs.18.00 Lakhs

MIG – II200 Sq. Yards
MIG – III240 Sq. yards.

One middle class family with the income of above 3.00 lakhs and up to

18.00 Lakhs per annum is eligible to apply for one plot only.

  • It is proposed to acquire lands on par  with the procedure followed  in respect  of acquisition of land for providing House pattas. (As per G.O.Ms.No.487 Revenue Department,  dated 29-11-2019).
  • Metropolitan Region Development Authority/Urban Development Authority, Andhra Pradesh Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Limited, APTIDCO or any  agency as decided by Government is the implementing
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in the aforesaid guidelines, the State Government shall reserve the right to issue any alteration/change/modification etc. either on policy or implementation on the subject, which will be final and binding.

Annexure -2 to G.O.Ms.No.38,MA&UD  (M) Department dated:  09.04.2021

 Demand  Survey Format


Name of  Municipality/ Corporation:

Name* :                                                                        .

S/o D/o W/o :                                                                       .

Occupation :                                                                       

Address :                                                                       

Mobile Number :                                           .

Annual Income :

Are you interested in Buying plot in the MIG

Layout proposed to be                           :  Yes / No Developed by the

Government authority.

  1. Extent required :   150 Sq Yds /200 Sq Yds / 240 Sq Yds.

Please Specify Preferred

  1. Location      :  a) Name of the Location
  2. b) Distance from the Municipal Office

* One middle class family with the income of above Rs. 3.00 lakhs and up to 18.00 Lakhs per annum is eligible to apply for one plot only.


DOWNLOAD G.O.Ms.No.38,  MA&UD  (M) Department dated:09.04.2021

Guidelines for  selection and finalization of MIG layout  sites:

 Demand  Survey Format

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