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Clarifications on School Mapping By Joint Director(Services)

 Clarifications on School Mapping By Joint Director(Services)



Query raised



In   Tadepalle(M),  there   is   a High

If         no        other    High    School are


School within 3 KMs to be merged

available within the radius of 3KMs,


with   PS/Ups  with  Strength  nearly

then 3,4,5 classes may be merged  to


1000  students,  and  if  merged then

that High School only.


the strength will be 1450 and more.




If any other HS available having less


Whether to  merge the 3,4,5   classes

enrollment       than     the       above,  a


with that High School or not?

decision           may     be        taken   on            the



mapping          basing  on        the



infrastructure,  enrollment  and no of



teachers available.


To        consider           the       Railway            gates

No.   If   official   railway   gate, and


which  were  1  KM and  2KM away

Canal with Bridge are available then


from    ZPHS, Tadepalli         and      any

they should  not be considered  as   a


Canal   with     Bridge should be

Natural Barrier.


considered   as   Natural   Barriers or






Need  for  construction  of  ZPHS  at

Proposal  may  be  submitted  to  the


Amaravathi     Mandal            as         the

EE, Engineering wing by  proposing


enrolment of UP school is 66  and in

for  construction of G+1. Subject   to


catchment area it is 260

need   and   non   availability   in any



other    schools            within  the       radius





Students of 8th  class in UPS of Urdu

Medium are joining in ZPHS Krosur by duly changing their medium and coming to regular stream.  whether  to merge this school in  adjacent High School or not?

Yes, the students studying primary schools may be considered by duly obtaining their willingness from the parents as such the students from 7th/ 8th  are been admitted in main stream.


Needs transportation for children.

Transportation charges will be provided @1000/- PA for travelling to schools having more than 3 KMs upto     class     8th       from   Samagra



In   the   teaching   pattern provided,

As per existing pattern Hindi subject


among  9  posts  Hindi  post  is  not

teacher is          already            considered            in



regular subject teaching.          The



additional        teacher shall     be



considered  as  per the  norm defined




in   the   instructions   issued   on 19-



Whether to map the High Schools with Low Strength (<50) or not?

Yes mapping should be done  to these schools and decision will be taken  basing  on  the  enrollment on

the mapped primary schools.


Whether only Primary to UPs can be mapped or not?

Yes, subject to condition when there

are no high schools are available as per the radius defined.


Whether the primary class students can be mapped to Girls/Boys High Schools?

Yes, however there are no separate Boys High School for administrative convenience these are named. And Boys in primary schools may be mapped  to  Girls  High  School upto

class 8th.


UP       to         HS       mapping          clarity requirement.

If no High School is available within

3          KMs    all        the       Primary            Schools should  be  mapped  to  the available

UPS which consists of Foundation and Foundation plus schools.


PC resolutions

Not required as such it is only for

the purpose of estimation and for taking the policy decision .


This exercise should be done with what enrolment?

Promotion of the class (next academic year 2022-2023) should be considered after mapping of the schools done in the website by eliminating   the   duplicate  primary

schools mapped to other High Schools.


Requirement    of         teachers           for            UP


Separate          guidelines        will      be



What to do when Govt HS in agency & Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools are in the same premises?

Not to map the students of Govt. schools with the Ashram Schools (residential schools).

Separate Guidelines will  be provided after consultation with Tribal Welfare department.


Section pattern

Clear  guidelines  are  issued  in  this



Subject wise teacher allotment

Clear  guidelines  are  issued  in  this




One meeting with all the HMs

Already instructions were issued to conduct the similar work shop with all the       field            level functionaries(DyEOs   /MEOs   /HM

of Secondary Schools)


Model Time table for classes 3 to 10

Will be issued by SCERT.


Mapping priority, if One Primary School mapped to 3 High Schools

Mandal Level Committee has to take the decision on one of the following parameters:

Better infrastructure.


No       of         teachers           in         High Schools



What   about   the   parents   in SMC

chairman for the classes 3-5?

Separate  instructions  will  be issued

regarding the issue.


What will be position if the MDM agency wont cook, if students of 3-5

classes mapped to HS?

Instructions will be issued by MDM


What if, any canals came across the

Canal   with   Bridge  should   not be


way if  classes 3-5 were  mapped  to

considered as a Natural Barrier.






Seasonal  Water  flows   should  also



not       to         be        considered       as            Natural



barriers            and      Mandal            Level



Committee  have  to  take  a decision



by due consultation of the locals.


There  is  no  area for construction of

Proposal  may  be  submitted  to  the


additional  class  rooms  in  the High

EE, Engineering wing with proposal


School if merged with Classes 3,4,5.

for       construction    of         G+1+1….



Within the proposed area.


If  the  Primary School  HM  went to

Clarification    will      be        issued  after


the High School, then who will be

consulting   the   Women   and Child


the HM for classes 1 & 2

Welfare Dept., Since, the said 1  and



2          classes were    along   with



Anganwadi’s   [Foundation    and



Foundation Plus Schools]


In         Amalapuram,   Narasapuram   &

Then,   the   High   School   with low


Pitapuram   under   local   bodies the

enrolment  may  be  degraded  as UP


enrolment  in  High  Schools  is  low

School and the High School students


when compared with Upper Primary

may     be        mapped           with     another



available High School.


National Highway is parallel  to  the

Since,  the       National          Highway            is



Primary & High School.

parallel to the Primary & High School there might be no problem. However, Zebra Crossings may marked and aayahs/other staff may be  provided  for  safety  of  children

while crossing roads.


There was no problem for the students 3,4,5 classes to travel upto 250 Mts., if more than 3KMs, 5KMs

the parents are not interested. To provide Bus Facility.

For students of 1-8, transportation charges will be provided @1000/- PA for travelling to their schools more than 3 KMs.


Irrespective     of         mapping            whether admissions  for  classes  3-10  can be

taken up or not?

Yes, new admissions can be taken up.


Many Schools with 6-10 classes are functioning with Telugu & English Medium. Next Year 7th to 10th classes double medium has to be allowed,    parents    are    asking   to

continue. For every class there are nearly 35 students.

Instructions are already issued in  this regard.


1-10 classes in a  single compound

under Single HM.



What will be the enrolment for Primary School to have second  post?

For the Classes 1 & 2 additional teacher will be provided having enrolment morethan 30. It was clarified in the instructions issued on



Is  need  calculation  to  be  done  on

working or sanctioned?

Need to be arrived on Working.


Man Managed Railway gate or foot over Bridge is a Natural barrier?

The official railway gate  managed by Railway personnel, and foot over bridge does not comes under Natural



State high way is a Natural Bearer

High way parallel to the schools does not comes under Natural Barriers.

However, Zebra Crossings may marked and aayahs/other staff may be  provided  for  safety  of  children

while crossing roads.


Urdu    Language        teaching           Primary

schools            to         be        merged            in         High

If no high School of Urdu medium is

available  within  3      KMs    then,    it



Schools or not?

should  be  merged  in  any  medium

High School.


To        Urdu    medium           High    School, SGT-   Urdu    teacher may     be


SGT     Urdu    teacher with     B.Ed qualification may be adjusted.


Structural Soundness certificate to be issued by PR Dept., to construct G++1 Class rooms?

To        furnish the       proposal           to            EE, Engineering  wing  with proposal for

construction of G+1+1…. Within  the proposed area.


Who will be the visiting  authority for the Foundation / Foundation Plus schools, as it has both the Anganwadi’s and 1& 2 classes. [Both the departments i.e., ICDS & Govt   and   the   competent  visiting

authority were CDPO/MEO]

Common Guidelines will be issued seperately.


Whether the HM, PET posts from surplus posts of Aided Schools may be posted in Upgraded HS?

Separate guidelines will be issued after merging  of Aided  Schools into

Government as per the willingness submitted by the managements.


Whether to Map the Primary schools of Aided which were handed over along with their property

No till the orders issued by the Government no Aided schools  which    were    handed    over   with

property should be called as Govt Schools.



Joint Director(Services)


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