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Nadu Nedu - School Infrastructure Maintenance Funds allocation and operational guidelines School maintenance Fund (SMF)

 Nadu Nedu - School Infrastructure Maintenance Funds allocation and operational guidelines  School maintenance Fund (SMF)

Memo No. 1632817/Prog.II/A2/2022 Dated.04.02.2022

Sub: Mana Badi Nadu Nedu - School Infrastructure Maintenance of Funds allocation and operational guidelines - orders - issued.

Government of Andhra Pradesh have taken up Mana Badi Nadu Nedu school infrastructure development program in a phased manner. In Phase-I, 15,713 schools were taken up for improving the infrastructure. In the review meetings the Government has directed that all the assets and equipment created under Nadu Nedu, should be maintained by attending to the repairs in time as timely maintenance extends the life of the assets, buildings and infrastructure.

Constitution of School maintenance Fund (SMF):

In the pursuance of the instructions of the Government, School Maintenance Fund (SMF) is constituted in the School Education Dept. The Program Director Mana Badi Nadu Nedu shall manage the fund at state Head Quarters. In the first instance, it is proposed to release SMF revolving fund based on the indent through STMS for maintenance of school infrastructure taken up under Nadu Nedu Phase 1.This revolving fund will be directly released to the Parent's committee account of Nadu Nedu phase I through STMS. The detailed component wise repairs and maintenance which can taken up in Government schools is enclosed in Annexure -I

Implementation Process:

a) The parents committee shall decide five members (with minimum three women members) from the Parents Committee (PC) for cheque signing. These five members shall be from elected Parent members only. Besides these five members, the HM, CRP, the Sachivalayam engineer, Sachivalayam Education Asst also shall be authorized as joint account signatories for cheques.

b) The five members of parent committee members, HM, CRP, Sachivalayam Engineer, Sachivalayam Education Asst who are the joint signatories of the cheque shall form as school development committee. Out of nine signatories of cheque, minimum 7 (all 9 can also sign) should be signing. the cheque at any given point of time. HM signature and Sachivalayam Engineer signature are must on every cheque/payment. The School Development committee shall be accountable to the Parents committee and inform all the transactions in their monthly meetings.

c) The HM along with the parent committee members shall identify the repairs required to be taken up with the SMF revolving fund available. and discuss and pass a resolution on the repair items to be taken up. The resolution shall be signed by all the nine members and the same should be uploaded in STMS App.

d) Once the SMF committee identifies the list of repairs and the approximate estimated amount, the same shall be entered in STMS by the HM in the mobile App along with component wise photos reparable items where the expected repairs are to be attended.

e) The format for the estimated repairs is given below



The above information will be uploaded in the mobile application after the resolution by the parents committee.

Ceiling limits for releases:

  • High School strength greater than (>) 1500-75,000
  • High School strength greater than (>) 1001-1500 - 60,000
  • High School Strength between 501 to 1000 - 40,000
  • High School strength between 201 to 500 - 20,000 Rs
  • High School Strength less than (<) 200 - 15,000 
  • Primary School/UPS strength greater than (>) 200 - 15,000.
  • Primary school/UPS strength less than or equal to (<) 200 - Rs10,000

f) The above ceiling limits are indicated to ensure that repairs are taken up within the prescribed limits, Schools should place indent only if repairs are needed.

g) The possible component wise repairs and maintenance are listed in Annexure -1 

h) Once the information is uploaded by HM, the same shall be sent to Sachivalayam engineer's log in. The Sachivalayam the Engineer who is part of the parents committee and took part in the identification process, shall endorse the same and push the same to MEO (mandal education officer). The MEO shall endorse the same after verification repairs identified and the costing done by the parents committee and upload the same to APC at district level..

i) Once the Administrative sanction is accorded by the HM, the same shall be approved by APC in the STMS. The same shall be sent to PD MBNN in STMS. 

j) Based on the Administrative sanction by HM, the PD MBNN shall release. the amounts directly to the PC 's Nadu Nedu account through EFMS in online from state SMF account. 

k) Once the money is received the SMF committee at school level shall start implementing the repairs under SMF.

l) The rates of material such as cement, sand, bricks, tiles, taps, pipes, and labour charges such as mason, plumber, carpenter etc shall be decided by the parent committee before work is started. 

m) No advance shall be paid to any supplier or labourers. 

n) The committee shall procure the material from the market duly paying for the cost after thorough market enquiry. Once the work is done, payments shall be made to labourers/Mason/Plumber and bills will be taken from the labourers.

o) For every bill there shall be one printed voucher to be written by the HM. Each bill and voucher shall be signed by all the SMF committee members.

P) All the signed bills/Vouchers shall be uploaded in STMS mobile App, as proof of expenditure. 

SS School grant:

(a) Similar fund under School grant under Samagra Shiksha is being given to all the schools for almost similar purpose. The same procedure for the expenditure under this also shall be followed like SMF the resolution by the SMF committee, uploading of paid and signed bills also shall be uploaded under STMS. 

(b) Care should be taken by HM not to duplicate the same repairs under two grants.

Transparency and prudency:

(a) Every Rupee is important in SMF. Prudency, diligence and transparency shall be ensured for every rupee expenditure.

(b) The HM, Sachivalayam engineer, and other SMF committee members shall ignore local vested interested people who want to hijack SMF, repair works should be done with utmost honesty and transparency. 

(c) The HM being the Government representative and being a responsible officer shall provide best services to his/her students and shall hold great responsibility and accountability.

Books of Accounts: 

Minutes book Shall be maintained in which all the decisions are recorded and Signed by PC members the same shall be scanned in mobile application and uploaded.

Social Audit: 

(a) The expenses met under SMF and school Grant under SS shall be subjected to detailed social audit process.

(b) Disciplinary Action will be initiated against all the committee members if they resort to any misappropriation in the implementation of SMF or School grant under SS is noticed.

Execution instructions: 

  • Execution should be done by parents committee and this is a non negotiable. No contractor shall be engaged for this purpose.
  • Priority should be given to the components taken up under Nadu Nedu. Other repairs can also be taken up.
  • The repairs may be taken up any time throughout the year. It need not be a onetime activity. The maximum limit shall be used in a given academic year.
  • The details of work done shall be recorded in detail in the voucher.
  • All Nadu Nedu GOS, guidelines, circulars should be followed. 
  • While incurring the expenditure Parents Committee may adopt the lowest market rates prevailing at Mandal level. No engineering estimates are required to prepared as these repair works are very small in nature. 
  • Amount should be spent on items which are not covered by warranty only. The details of material supplied under Nadu Nedu which has warranty period is given in Annexure II.

Negative list.:

(a) No new constructions like new class rooms, new kitchen sheds, Dining sheds shall be taken up with these funds.

(b) No new equipment or Furniture should be purchased

Provision in STMS Software:

The M/s Tata Consultancy will develop

(a) Mobile application for identification of needs and repairs
(b) Raising of request for approval, uploading of photos, and expenditure through STMS.
(c) M/S Tata Consultancy will also develop interface with Union Bank of India for transferring the amounts from Nadu-Nedu Savings Bank account to Parents Committee for taking up maintenance.
(d) The TCS shall also develop appropriate MIS reports for monitoring requirements at all levels

Hence, All the Joint Collectors Development, DEOS, Additional Project Co Ordinator's, Samagra, Executive Engineers, District Educational Officers under the overall leadership of the JCs Development and District Collectors shall ensure that the above guidelines are followed scrupulously to ensure timely maintenance of the assets and equipment created under Mana Badi Nadu Nedu program.

Encl: Annexure-I & II

Download Proceedings, guidelines

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