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General Guideline for Selection of the Awards for SVP 2021-22 at the district level

General Guideline for Selection of the Awards for SVP 2021-22 at the district level

  1. In accordance with the SVP 2021-22 guidelines, physical verification of all the eligible schools (III Star and above) is to be done by the district for the district level Award as per the timeline (April 1- May 15, 2022)
  2. "District Coordinator" shall be identified by the district committee and he/she shall coordinate all processes of the district level award selection.
  3. District level Committee shall provide the overall guidance on quality of physical assessment, selection of awards & nomination (for state/UT) at the district level. One of the key tasks would be to identify & finalize (suitable numbers) of evaluators for assessment in accordance with the eligible numbers of schools to be assessed. For the quality assessment, it is recommended that 1 evaluator should be assigned only for a maximum of 20 schools.
  4. District committee can decide on who shall be eligible to be an Evaluator for the field assessment. Based on the earlier experiences suggestive list may include
    1. Concerned different level officials, front line workers from the respective department (as from Education, Health, Public Health & Engineering department, SBM etc).
    2. Active teachers, BRCS, CRCs, Active Youth Group/Students/ associated public representative
    3. Officials/active representatives from competent government agencies/ training or academic institutions (as DIET), including student teachers at teacher education institutions in the district.
    4. Concerned resource person, trainers, evaluators working in the water, hygiene, sanitation sector in different projects/organizations/reputed NGOs, CSOS

5. It is to be noted that the evaluator should not be a teacher from the same (or nearby school)/ same cluster or a teacher who has been involved in any school's registration process for SVP 2021-22.

6. District should also provide appropriate quality orientation/ training for evaluators to ensure quality assessment (& also keep a list of these in their records for future reference/ evaluation purposes).

7.All awards related information can be assessed at the existing District Level Web Panel. A detailed Presentation is also being provided for different stages, processes of award finalization. accordingly at the following link 

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10dMRRXogssjlDk1lpn InFyWFOmOf7Jp/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=101819917191878907181&rtpof=true& sd=true

 8.Districts can view/ download list of Eligible Schools for different categories of awards from this District Panel itself. (Similar to the district panel, the state/ UT shall also be able to see the district-wise status of the progress of evaluation in their respective panel)

9. District shall be required to add the evaluators for physical assessment from the "Manage Evaluators" Tab in District panels (as per the requirement in view of total schools in different blocks). Respective details (including name, email, and mobile) shall be required to add the evaluator.

10. District shall assign schools (UDISE+ code), to the evaluators for assessment. (One evaluator can be assigned for a maximum of 20 schools for this purpose).

11. The evaluator shall accordingly carry out the assessment of the schools assigned to them. There are 2 options available for the evaluator to assess the school - either through the mobile app "SVP Evaluator" or through the Web Portal (https://evaluator.swachhvidyalayapuraskar.com/). The evaluator can log in by using the mobile number (of the evaluator), along with the password (prefixed password to be received from the district official). The Evaluator can view (existing primary information by the schools) as required and revise it, but the assessment response for 6 sub-category questions has to be done afresh by the evaluators based on the physical assessment of the school.

12.The detailed process is provided in the guidance Presentation.
13. Once the Assessment is started (/done) by the evaluators in the field, the district should use the "Evaluator dashboard" to view the real-time progress of the evaluation for the SVP at a glance as - Total eligible schools (3 STAR &higher level schools), Survey initiated, Survey in progress, and survey completed (both in graphical format& as a detailed list)

14. Under "Evaluator Reports" the district can view the detailed school wise report including self-assessment scores vis-à-vis scores by the evaluators

15. Based on the Evaluator's assessment review, the District Level Committee shall take a decision for the Final Awards for districts (Max 38- 8 in Overall category and 30 in subcategories)&Nominations for State/UT level from the district (Max. 14-8 in Overall category and 6 in the subcategories) based on the scores given by the review of the performance by the Evaluators

16. "Awards" Tab (& Sub tabs) in the District Panel shall facilitate the district in the Finalization of Awards at the district level (Total 38)& nominate the selected schools the State/UT lev from the district

17. For any clarity, query for the process "District officials" may contact helpdesk at - https://www.swachhvidyalayapuraskar.com/contact (Contact: 09311622133, Email id: [email protected])

 General Guideline for Selection of the Awards for SVP 2021-22 at the district level Download

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