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G.O.Rt.No:68 గడప గడపకు మన ప్రభుత్వం - Visit by Hon'ble MLAs in the state and visits to the Village/Ward Secretariats on the occasion completion of three (3) years of the Government

Planning Department - "గడప గడపకు మన ప్రభుత్వం "- Visit by Hon'ble MLAs in the state and visits to the Village/Ward Secretariats on the occasion completion of three (3) years of the Government Creating awareness among the Households on the Welfare and Developmental programmes being implemented by the Government Guidelines to Districts Orders - Issued.

G.O.Rt.No:68 Date:10.05.2022

           Andhra Pradesh State has witnessed an unprecedented welfare momentum during the last three (3) years. The Government is committed to the welfare of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of the society and has made commendable progress with 95% of the promises made in the manifesto fulfilled. Providing benefits to all the eligible persons irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and political affiliation on a saturation basis with transparency and social audit turned out to be the hallmark of the entire welfare mechanism, where 'No one is left behind'.

2. The Village Secretariat and Ward Secretariat System aided by the Volunteer mechanism has truly lifted the spirits of the citizens and reposed confidence in the government as the benefits are now made available at their doorsteps in a transparent, accountable and corruption-free manner.

3. Now that the benefit distribution process has been implemented through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode, especially with the introduction of the 'Annual Welfare. Calendar', government on the occasion of completion of three (3) years term, has decided to further enhance the process by taking public feedback on any improvement in the process if needed through personal enquiries of the households by the Hon'ble MLAs in their respective constituencies. The prime objective of launching this programme is to:

  • create awareness among the public about the schemes and programmes of the government,
  • ensure that the benefits reach the last mile beneficiary covering all the eligible beneficiaries and
  • seek feedback /suggestions from the public for process improvement and further improve the service delivery.

4. Towards this endeavour, the Government has decided to take up programme " "గడప గడపకు మన ప్రభుత్వం " under which Hon'ble MLAs would make visits to the households in their jurisdiction as per the schedule finalized by the respective district collectors within the limits of Grama/Ward Sachivalayam. The Hon'ble MLA shall visit all the households in all Villages/Wards along with Public Representatives and Officers at Mandal/Municipality and Village/ Ward level from 11th May, 2022 onwards and the programme will be continued till all the households in their jurisdiction get exhaustively covered.

5. Programme and Process detail:

        The following are some of the indicative guidelines for the district administration to effectively facilitate visits of Hon'ble MLAs to Villages/Wards under this programme "గడప గడపకు మన ప్రభుత్వము" :

  • Making the beneficiary lists available to Hon'ble MLAS at the Village/Ward level for enquiring the households about the schemes/programmes and their satisfaction over the service delivery in general.
  • Scheduling detailed schedules so that the Hon'ble MLAs shall visit 10 Village/Ward Secretariats in a month by spending two days in a Secretariat and review the Village/Ward Secretaries work regarding service delivery of various welfare and developmental activities to all households/persons in their jurisdiction.
  • Provide necessary data to facilitate review by Hon'ble MLAs regarding various Welfare and developmental activities implemented by the government including renovation of all Educational and Health institutions in the state under "Naadu Nedu" programme.

6. The Hon'ble MLAS during their village visits shall carry the booklets (containing last three years achievements covering all important schemes). The Chief Executive Officer, Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society, Vijayawada is directed to prepare and supply required number of these booklets to the Hon'ble MLAs before 10th May, 2022.

7. All the Special Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Secretaries and HoDs concerned are requested to issue instructions to their respective district level officers through the District Collectors with a direction to accompany the Hon'ble MLAs during the visit to the Villages/Wards with necessary information.

8. All the District Collectors in the state are requested to co-ordinate this programme at district level up to completion.

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