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Processing of MDM bills – Timely Payment without delay –instructions

 Processing of MDM bills – Timely Payment without delay  –instructions

R.C.No.ESE-27022/06/2022-MDM-CSE  Dated:  05/05/2022  

REF : 1. R.C.No.ESE-27022/30/2021-MDM-CSE      Dated:-10.11.2021.

2.    G.O.Rt.No.2975, Finance (FMU-SE) Dept., Dt: 21.04.2022.
3.    Proceeding No.AIII/01/CBRO/2022-23, dt:-25.04.2022.
4.    RC.No.ESE-27022/06/2022-MDM-CSE Dt:-26.04.2022.

             The attention of the District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the references read above, and informed that , in the reference 1st cited, instructions have been issued to all districts to clear the payments related to Cooking Cost, Honorarium of Cook Cum Helpers, Additional menu  and  Egg+Chikki suppply bills at district level under the scheme of Jagananna Gorumudda  

              The District Educational Ofcers are further informed that, after restructuring the districts are bifurcated from 13 districts to 26 districts and  in the reference 2nd  to 3rd cited, the  Government have  sanctioned an amount of Rs. 336,30,17,700/- under Jagananna Gorumudda IX –X Classes and in the  reference 4th cited an amount of Rs.112,39,00,000/- has been distributed to districts (before districts restructuring) to clear the pending bills under MDM  up to March 2022. The bills are to be processed through the PFMS and CFSS sites.

             It is brought to the notice of the undersigned that,  the districts are facing  administrative issues/ delay   while  processing the bills after restructuring of districts , due to the fact that ,  pending of allotment of new DDOs and technical issues in generation of new DDO logins in CFMS. and the  new districts information is not updated in the PFMS as well as CFSS sites,  because of that the bills for the month of April  and May-2022( upto 5th ) could not be generated for 26 districts.
In the above circumstances ,   to avoid the delay in the payment of Cooking Costs, CCH honorarium, Additional Menu  and Egg, Chikki supply  bills for the month of April-2022 and May-2022 the following instructions are issued.

  •  The bills should  be  generated for the districts by  the District Educational Ofcers of erstwhile 13 districts. The District Educational Ofcers of the erstwhile 13 districts to verify the data in APCFSS site  with regard to Cooking Costs, CCH honorarium, Additional Menu  and the  bills may be processed immediately without delay.
  •  Similarly, as the distribution of Eggs and Chikkis were done based on erstwhile district data,  all the District Educational Ofcers  are  instructed to obtain certifcates from MEOs regarding, good uuality/ Non-Drawal Certifcate / stock entries  etc., and furnish to the District Educational Ofcer of erstwhile district to enable to process the bills.
  • The bills as at (i) and (ii) will be processed   at Head Ofce this time  to avoid  delay in  payments
  • The list of DEOs who are responsible for submitting the certifcates for processing of the bills are as follows.
Processing of MDM bills – Timely Payment without delay  –instructions


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