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AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 - AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE

  AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 -  AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE


  AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 -  AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE DOWNLOAD

Read the following:
  • 1) A.P Education Act, 1982 (Act 1 of 1982) 
  • 2) G.O.Ms.No.20, School Education (PE-Progs.I) Dept., Dt:03.03.2011. 
  • 3) G.O.Ms.No.53, School Education (Ser.II) Dept., Dt:12.10.2020. 
  • 4) G.O.Ms.No.54, School Education (Ser.II) Dept., Dt:12.10.2020. 
  • 5) G.O.Ms.No.59, School Education (Ser.II) Dept., Dt:24.11.2020. 
  • 6) G.O.Rt.No.237, School Education (IE.A1) Dept., Dt:29.09.2021. 
  • 7) G.O.Ms.No.84, School Education (Prog. II) Dept., Dt:24.12.2021. 
  • 8) G.O.Ms.No.85, School Education (Prog. II) Dept., Dt:24.12.2021. 
  • 9) G.O.Rt.No.40, HM & FW (B1) Dept., Dt: 28.01.2022. 
  • 10) G.O.Ms.No.116, Finance (HR.I-Plg. & Policy) Dept., Dt:07.06.2022. 
  • 11) G.O.Ms.No.117, School Education (Ser.II) Dept., Dt:10.06.2022 
  • 12) G.O.Ms.No.122, Finance (HR.I-PLG.&POLICY) Dept., Dt:16.06.2022
  • 13) G.O.Ms.No. 128, School Education (Ser. II) Dept., Dt:13.07.2022 
  • 14) From the CSE, e-file No.ESE02-14/11/2022-EST4-CSE.

Government is committed to providing free and compulsory Elementary Education to every child in the age group of 6 to 14 years in the vicinity of his / her neighbourhood under the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009. In the last three (3) years, Govt. has initiated various flag ship programs to improve the school education value chain and provide excellent facilities in Government Schools with an objective of improving learning outcomes of children studying in government schools to make them future global citizens. 

The Government has revitalized the Mid-Day Meal (MDM) programme by providing nutritive, healthy and tastier food under Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme. Learning material for the students such as textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, uniforms and other materials are being supplied at the beginning of the Academic Year under Jagananna Vidya Kanuka (JVK). In order to ensure that, poverty does not come in the way of children's education, annual financial assistance is being credited to the bank accounts of eligible unique mothers under Jagananna Ammavodi. Improving the school infrastructure (ten components) through Mana Badi - Nadu Nedu programme. With these programmes taken up in the last three years, there is an enormous increase in the enrolment of children in Government Schools.

2. The Government after elaborate discussion with multiple stake holders, interaction with experts at National and International level followed by field visits noted that, inadequate focus on pre schooling, saturation-thin spread of primary schools, wastage of human resources, running of primary schools from class 1 to 5 with one or two SGTS teaching 18 subjects, sub-optimum utilisation of infrastructure, schools with multiple media of instruction, rote learning methodology, lack of academic inspections, lack of monitoring and parental support for students in their learning are the main facts of poor learning outcomes. After thoroughly analyzing the present situation, the Government restructured the existing Anganwadi centers and non-residential schools run by State Government, Mandal Parishad, Zilla Parishad, Municipal and Tribal Welfare Departments schools into (i) Satellite Foundational Schoo! (PP1 & PP2); (ii) Foundational School (PP1, PP2, Class 1 &2); (iii) Foundational School Plus (PP1, PP2, Classes 1 to 5); (iv) Pre High School (Classes 3 to 7/8); (v) High School (Classes 3 to 10); (vi) High School Plus (Classes 3 to 12), for transforming educational infrastructure and to enhance the student dignity and to bring in comprehensive academic and administrative reforms with an objective of improving learning outcomes. of children studying in government schools to make them future global citizens duly focusing on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). The new pattern of 5+3+3+4 is already implemented in the State in a phased manner.

3. Government has decided to strengthen the teaching and learning from classes 3 to 5 of High Schools by imparting education to the children by subject experts with B.Ed qualification and to bring the classes into the fold of high school education. Accordingly, the Government vide ref 11th & 13th read above has issued orders for re-apportionment of teaching staff by providing subject teachers for classes 3-5 which were mapped to the High School among various managements i.e., Government/Zilla Parishad/Mandal Praja Parishad Schools and required number of teachers. in Foundational Schools, Foundational School Plus. For ensuring the subject teachers in mapped High Schools (Classes 3 - 10), there is a need of additional subject teachers (7,928). The Government have taken measures like promotions (SGTS to SA & SAs to HM (Gr.II)), conversions etc., to ensure the availability of subject teachers in the mapped High Schools.

4. Government is also sensitive to the fact that, whole transfer of teachers shouldn't impact the Academic Calendar, 2022-23 in Schools. Academic Calendar consists of two semesters. The first semester (midterm) i.e., Summative Assessment (SA-I) Examinations is scheduled from 2nd January to 10th January, 2023 for all classes. The Government is very closely monitoring the coverage of syllabus in all classes and instructions have been issued to the field level functionaries from time to time to ensure the timely completion of the syllabus. The Competent Authorities (i.e., Dy.EO/HM(Gr.II)) shall ensure that, all teachers who get transfer orders shall be relieved only after uploading of Summative Assessment (SA-I) Examinations marks in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Portal.

5. Government have decided to frame guidelines relating to the transfers in the exercise of the powers conferred by Section 78 and 99 of A.P. Education Act 1982 (Act 1 of 1982) and under Article 309 of the Constitution of India, in the super-session of all the earlier guidelines on the transfer of teachers in order to facilitate and to regulate the transfers of Headmasters (Gr-II) and teachers working in Government / Z.P.P /M.P.P Schools in A.P School Education Service and A.P School Education Subordinate Service.

6. Accordingly, the Commissioner of School Education, A.P vide ref 14th read above has furnished the proposals to permit him to take up the transfers of teachers for the Academic year, 2022 2023. Further, the CSE, A.P shall facilitate the process through the appropriate Information Technology (IT) module and he shall also take action to call for the applications for transfer of teachers through the online system and conduct Web counselling duly obtaining the options. The Schedule for Transfer Counselling of Headmasters (Gr.II), School Assistants, SGTs and Equivalent Cadres is given below
AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 -  AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE
7. The C.S.E., A.P shall be the competent authority to sort out the difficulties/ issues of clarifications if any required, in this regard, for proper implementation of the above orders. Government is the competent authority to modify/amend the above guidelines if required. The Department of School Education in Government shall be the competent authority to effect the transfer of the teachers, if required, on administrative grounds, irrespective of the above guidelines/framework and schedule, during an academic calendar year. The work adjustment orders to shuffle the teachers shall be carried out by the Commissioner of School Education, during an academic calendar year to ensure proper and optimum utilization of services of the Headmasters (Gr.II) / Teachers working in the schools, wherever their services are required to achieve the better academic performance of the schools.

8. After careful consideration of the matter, the Government hereby makes the detailed guidelines at annexure, regulating the transfers of the categories of Headmasters (Gr.II), School Assistants and S.G.T.s and their equivalent categories in the A.P. School Education Service and A.P. School Education Subordinate Service working in the Government, Z.P.P. and MPP Schools in the State.

9. The Commissioner of School Education, A.P shall also take up

transfers in Teacher Educational Institutions (TEIS). 10. The Tribal Welfare Department may also issue necessary guidelines in this regard. Separate guidelines will be issued for Municipal Administration Department by School Education in due course.

11. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HR-1) Dept., vide their U.O. No: HROPDPP(TRPO)/217/2022, (Computer No.1872156) Dated. 19.10.2022.

Guidelines for transfer of Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers working in Government, Zilla Praja Parishad and Mandal Praja Parishad Schools during Academic Year 2022-23

1. These guidelines shall apply to Headmaster (Gr.II) in Andhra Pradesh School Education Service and School Assistants / Secondary Grade Teachers and other equivalent categories in Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service, herein after referred to as Teacher in these Guidelines.

These guidelines shall come into force with immediate effect.

Eligibility Criteria for AP Teachers Transfers 2022

i. Transfers shall be effected only on a request basis and on administrative grounds.

ii. The following categories of Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers in the Government/ZPP/MPP shall be transferred.

a) Those Headmasters (Gr-II) who have completed 5 Academic years of service and those Teachers who have completed 8 Academic Years of service in a particular school by Academic Year 2021-2022 shall be transferred compulsorily (more than half of the Academic Year would be considered as a complete year for this purpose and less than half would not be considered).

b) Provided those who are going to retire on or before 31.08.2024 (within 2 years) shall not be transferred until and unless the incumbent requests for such transfer.

c) There shall be NO minimum service required for applying request transfer.

iii. a. The male Headmaster (Gr.II)/ Teacher aged below 50 years as on 31.08.2022 and working in Girls High School shall be transferred mandatorily.

b. If no women Headmasters (Gr.II) / Teachers are available to work in Girls High Schools, then the male Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who crossed 50 years of age as on 31.08.2022 may be considered for posting to such schools.

iv. Criteria for identification of teachers being shifted on re­ apportionment are as follows:

a. If there is any vacant post in the school concerned, the vacant post should be identified as surplus for re-apportionment. In this case, no teacher will be affected. 

b. If any teacher, who has completed 8 Academic years of service in that particular school shall be considered for re-apportion when a post is found surplus and proposed for shifting (category of posts shall be considered). 

c. If any teacher who has not completed 8 Academic years of service in that particular school but happens to be a senior teacher in the school and willing to go under re-apportion, such teacher shall be given an opportunity for transfer. 

d. In case of non-availability of (a), (b) & (c), the junior most teacher as per the service rendered in the cadre shall be shifted. He/she will be awarded with (05 points) if and only if the re-apportionment is due to the mapping of schools only. In such a case, if the teacher who transferred in Transfers, 2020 i.e., he/she shall be considered for old station points. 

Note: (1) In such cases, the service of the aided teachers shall be taken for counting the service rendered in the cadre from the date of joining in government/ local bodies school.

(2) In case of visually challenged/orthopedically challenged (>80%) teachers, they shall be exempted and the next senior most shall be affected under re-apportionment.

ii. As per the Orders of the Hon'ble High Court of AP, teachers who have worked in Govt./MPP/ZPP schools in the limits of Municipal Corporation/Municipalities and transferred and joined in Category -III & IV places shall be eligible for old station points.

iii. The Teachers who have promoted as per the guidelines of CSE Procgs Dt: 14.10.2021 shall compulsorily apply for transfers.

iv. Visually challenged teachers are exempted from transfers. Orthopedically Challenged Teachers with more than 80% of disability are also exempted from transfers. However, if such teachers desire to apply for transfer, they may apply for transfer counselling.

v.Transfers shall be effected from within the present management in which the teacher is working.

a. If the Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher desires to go to his/ her parent management such Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher may opt for transfer to only those vacancies available in their Parent Management. In such instances, their seniority shall be taken into account in the parent management.

b. The transfer shall be effected from the ITDA area to the Non-ITDA area and vice-versa.

c. Subject to fulfilment of conditions stipulated in this GO, Non-ITDA Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher currently working in Schools in ITDA area/s may also apply for transfers to Non-ITDA areas. However, they will be relieved only after their replacement by substitutes.

d. If the vacancy of teacher post could not be filled in ITDA areas, junior most surplus teacher/s in Non-ITDA area shall be deputed temporarily after transfer counselling.

 3. Transfers Counselling

a. Erstwhile Districts shall be taken as District as a Unit for transfers. b. All the transfers shall be processed only by applications filed and options exercised through an online process. Transfer orders will be issued by the competent authority with the approval of Committees constituted for this purpose in each district/zone.

4. Competent Authority for Postings & Transfers

The appointing authority concerned shall issue transfer and posting orders based on the outcome of the web options exercised by the Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers.

5. Entitlement Points - Common Points

Entitlement points shall be awarded to the Headmaster (Gr.II) / Teachers for no. of years of service in the respective school as on 31.08.2022 in the following manner

  • (a) For every year of service in category IV areas 5
  • (b) For every year of service in Category III areas 3
  • (c) For every year of service in Category II areas 2
  • (d) For every year of service in Category I areas 1
AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 -  AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE

In the case of Villages / Towns which were in one category earlier and later changed to the other category (as per HRA / Road condition) in such cases, the entitlement points shall be calculated proportionately.

(iii) a. The District level committee shall follow the list of habitations declared as category IV for effecting transfers in the previous years till now to calculate the points.

b. However, the committee shall declare the list of category IV habitations afresh now for calculating points for future transfers. The decision of the committee shall be final.

(iv) For the service rendered: 0.5 points for every completed year of total service in all categories as on 31.08.2022. (more than 6 months shall be considered as one year) 
AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2022 GO 187 -  AP Teachers Transfers SCHEDULE

7. In case of a Tie in Points secured: In case, the entitlement points of two or more applicants are equal then

a. The seniority in the cadre shall be taken into account.

b. Priority to the candidate based on the date of birth (Senior) besides guideline (a) above.

c. Women

8. Preferential Categories: 

The following categories shall be taken precedence in the seniority list, in the order given below, irrespective of their entitlement points.

a. Visually Challenged/Orthopedically Challenged employees (i.e those with not less than 70% of disability)
 b. Employees having mentally challenged children can be transferred to a place where medical facilities are available, provided there is a vacancy.

c. Medical grounds for the diseases viz of Cancer, Open Heart Operations/Organ Transplantation, Neuro Surgical Operations, Kidney Transplantation/Dialysis can be transferred to the places where such facilities are available. The medical condition should be either self or spouse or dependent children or dependent parents. 
d. Widows

e. Legally separated females (Re-married Candidates are Not Eligible).

f. Spouse of the service person in Army/Navy/AirForce/BSF/CRPF/ CISF

g. Ex-servicemen in Army/Navy/Air Force/BSF/CRPF/CISF now working as a teacher shall be considered.

Note 1: Where the preferential category is claimed on health grounds as per guidelines of 8 (a), (b), and (c) latest medical reports (6 months before the date of issuance of G.O) as certified by the District Medical Board should be submitted to the Committee. However, candidates selected under PH quota and recorded in SR need not furnish any certificate afresh

Note 2: The Headmaster (Gr-II)/Teacher should avail of either the preferential category (Guideline 8) or the special points {Guideline 6 (i to iv)) once in 5/8 years respectively and an entry is to be made in his/her SR and the same shall be certified by the DDO concerned.

Note 3: The Headmasters (Gr.II) / Teachers who have availed the preferential category or spouse category in the earlier transfer counselling and are now affected under Re-apportionment due to mapping of schools without completion of 5/8 Academic years of service respectively shall be given the respective benefits/entitlement points along with the Re- apportionment points.

9. Notification of vacancies:

The following vacancies shall be notified for counselling:

a. All clear vacancies as on 30.11.2022.

b. All vacancies arising due to compulsory transfers as per guideline 2 
c. Resultant vacancies arising during counselling.

d. Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teachers who have promoted and allotted places on adhoc basis as per CSE Procgs Dt:14.10.2021, their places are to be shown as vacant.

e. Vacancies existing due to authorized/unauthorized absence of teachers for more than 1 year. 
f. Vacancies due to maternity leave, medical leave, or under suspension should not be notified. They can be filled up by work adjustment if the period is beyond 4 weeks. 
g. The committee shall arrive at the number of vacancies i.e. the difference between sanctioned and working in each cadre. Then the committee shall have to block the same number of vacancies proportionately in categories I, II and III taking Mandal as a unit.

Example: In an erstwhile district, sanctioned SGT posts: 5,000 and working: 4500, then to be blocked vacancies are 5000-4500-500. If 40 mandals in the district, proportionately block that 500 vacancies in category-I, II and III.

ii. The Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher vacancies shall be computed based on the Child Info data with the cut-off date as on 31.08.2022 and by taking into consideration the pupil-teacher ratio and as per the re-apportionment norms as notified by Government vide ref 11th & 13th read above. This shall be re-confirmed by the competent authorities after field-level verification with the approval of their respective committees.

10. Publication of vacancies and seniority list:

i. The following lists shall be published on the website specified for the purpose and also on the Districts website concerned.

a. The lists of category-wise schools (category I, II, III and IV),

b. The School wise vacancy position of Headmaster (Gr.II) /School Assistant/Secondary Grade Teacher and equivalent categories for counselling.

11. Online Application and Process for Web Counselling.

1. The Head Masters/teachers shall apply for transfer in the prescribed online services for web-based allotment at https://cse.ap.gov.in.. 
ii.Only online applications received through the website shall be considered for transfer and processed further. Under any circumstances, no physical application shall be entertained.
iii. After completion of the online submission, the applicants shall thereafter obtain the printout of the application from the specified website and submit the same duly signed to their respective authorities, viz., Mandal Educational Officer/Head Master High School/Deputy Educational Officer, as the case may be. Note Submission of Hard copies is only for verification purposes and shall not be processed for transfer.

iv. The Headmaster (Gr.II) / Teacher who is eligible as per the criteria prescribed in guideline 2 may apply online through the website specified for the purpose in the prescribed proforma and the particulars furnished in the proforma shall be final and no modification shall be allowed.
v. An applicant seeking to apply under the Preferential categories/spouse category shall also upload and submit the latest certificate from the competent authority in this regard as mentioned in Note 1 of Guideline No.8 along with the application.

vi. After receipt of applications, the authorities concerned shall display the provisional seniority lists and call for objections if any. After redressing the objections/grievances, the authority shall display the final seniority along with the entitlement points on the website/notice board. vil. Once the Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher applies online it shall be final. No teacher is allowed to apply multiple times online.
viii. 1. The Headmaster (Gr.11)/Teacher who is compulsorily transferrable under guideline 2 should select all options.

2. If any Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher who is compulsorily transferable under guideline 2 does not apply online and exercise his/her options shall be transferred to the available leftover needy vacancies in category III & IV schools, apart from taking disciplinary action deemed fit.

ix. Any Headmaster (Gr.II)/ Teacher who is under compulsory transfer and does not apply /submit his/her transfer application, a serious view will be taken against the Teacher/H.M./M.E.O and Dy.EO and appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated as per rule (20) of AP CCA Rules.

12. Receipt and disposal of Objections / Grievances: 

i. Objections if any in respect of the seniority list and entitlement points published as per guideline 5 may be filed online by any applicant together with evidence in support of such objection within the time specified for this purpose in the schedule.

ii. The District Educational Officer / Regional Joint Director of School Education, as the case may be, shall cause verification of all objections and pass orders disposing of the same. In cases where objections are upheld, the District Educational Officer/ Regional Joint Director of School Education shall cause the necessary corrections in the seniority list and publish the same on the website. Failing of redressing the objection by the competent authority, disciplinary action will be initiated as per rule (20) of AP CCA Rules.

13. Counselling

Transfers and postings of Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers shall be done based on entitlement points as specified in these guidelines. After finalization of seniority lists and notification of vacancies,

Options shall have to be exercised by the Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers through web counselling. iii. Transfer orders shall be issued by the competent authority with the approval of respective Committees based on the final lists drawn online duly following the above procedure.

14. Committee for Transfers and Counselling: 

The following competent authorities are constituted to issue transfer orders and counselling if required.
(i) For Transfer of Headmaster (Gr.II) in Government High School
 a. Zonal Headquarter Joint Collectors (i.e., Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Kakinada and YSR districts) shall act as Chairman of the Committee.

b. The concerned Regional Joint Director of School Education shall act as Member Secretary.

c. The District Educational Officers are concerned Members.


i. The Committee shall be the competent authority for the transfer of all Headmasters (Gr.II) in the Government High Schools in the respective Zone. Counselling shall be done by this committee with the support of a web counselling system.

ii. The Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned shall be the competent authority to issue posting and transfer orders of the Headmasters (Gr.II) working in Government High Schools, after the approval by the above Committee.

(ii) For Transfer of Headmasters (Gr.II) in Zilla Parishad High Schools:

a. Chairman, Zilla Parishad/Special Officer shall act as Chairman. b. Regional Joint Director of School Education Member Secretary.

c. Chief Executive Officer - Z.P. - Member.

d. District Educational Officers concerned are Members. Note:

1. The Committee shall be the competent authority for the transfer of all Headmasters (Gr.II) in ZP High Schools in the District

ii. The Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned shall be the competent authority to issue transfer orders of the Headmasters (Gr.II) working in ZP High Schools, after the approval by the Committee. Counselling shall be done by this committee with the support of a web counselling system.

(iii) For Transfer of Teachers in Government High Schools

a. Collector / Joint Collector (erstwhile) -- Chairman.

b. Collector/Joint Collector concerned Co-Chairman.

c. District Educational Officer (erstwhile) - Member Secretary.

d. District Educational Officers concerned are Members

(iv) For Transfer of Teachers in Zilla Parishad / MPP Schools

a. Chairman, ZP/Special Officer - Chairman. 
b. Chief Executive Officer Z. P. -- Member. 
c. District Educational Officer (erstwhile) - Member Secretary 
d. District Educational Officers concerned are Members.

Note: The District Educational Officer concerned shall be competent authority to issue transfer orders to all the teachers working in the Government Schools and ZPP / MPP Schools after the approval by the Committee.

15. Issue of Transfer Orders:

1. The competent authorities concerned shall issue posting orders to all the Headmasters (Gr.11)/ Teachers.

ii. The Headmasters (Gr.11)/Teachers who are to be compulsorily transferred and who do not apply for counselling, shall be given posting orders inabsentia to the leftover needy vacancies at Category IV only, if Category IV vacancies are not available then allot at Category III at the end of the web counselling of that particular category of teachers.

iii. Once transfer orders are issued by the competent authority with the approval of the committee, review or modification of orders shall not be considered, either by the committee or by the competent authority.

iv. In all the orders of the transfer, the condition is to be included that the orders shall be subject to the outcome of pending cases at various courts.
v. The transfers affected shall be displayed on the website and also on their district website concerned after completion of counselling.

16. Date of Relief and Joining:

(1) The Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher who is on transfer shall be relieved with immediate effect from the present place of working on receipt of the transfer orders and he/she shall join the new school where they are posted on the next day of issue/receipt of orders. Provided the Teachers (including subject teachers) who are transferred under Transfer Counselling shall be relieved subject to the condition that there shall be 50% of regular teachers (fraction shall be treated as One) working in the school and also only the senior most Teachers (including subject teachers) shall be relieved.


a. If only one Teacher (including subject teachers) is working in the School and got transfer he/she shall not be relieved without substitute..
b. If two Teachers (including subject teachers) are working in the School and got transferred, the junior in the school shall not be relieved without a substitute. 
c. If three Teachers (including subject teachers) are working in the School and got transferred, the two juniors in the school shall not be relieved without a substitute.

d. If four Teachers (including subject teachers) are working in the school and got transferred, the two juniors in the school shall not be relieved without a substitute.

e. Likewise, if eleven Teachers (including subject teachers) are working in the school and got transferred, the six juniors in the school shall not be relieved without a substitute.

f. Work Adjustment shall be completed within 7 working days after completion of the Transfer exercise. (ii) A Headmaster Gr.II/Teacher who doesn't so join, cannot claim compulsory wait, under any circumstances for any reason.

17. Appeal Mechanism

i. An appeal against the orders of the District Educational Officer shall lie with the Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned, and an appeal against the orders of the Regional Joint Director of School Education shall lie with the Commissioner of School Education such appeal should be submitted within 10 days. li. All such appeals shall be disposed of by the Appellate authorities concerned within 15 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. iii. The teachers who have any grievances on the transfer counselling should avail all levels of appeal provisions before going for other legal remedies.

18. Revision

1. The Commissioner of School Education may either suo-moto or on an application received from any person aggrieved by the orders of the Transfer Committee may call for and examine the records in respect of any proceedings of transfer to satisfy himself about its regularity, legality or propriety. If, in any case, it appears to him that any such proceedings should be revised, modified, annulled or reversed or remitted for reconsideration, he may pass an order accordingly or remand the case with any direction to rectify any violation of guidelines or discrepancy. Such orders shall be implemented by the authority concerned.

ii. The Commissioner of School Education may stay the implementation of any such proceedings, pending the exercise of its powers under Guideline 18 (1) above.

iii. Revision exercise and issue of orders shall be completed within 4 weeks from the date of issue of the transfer orders. No extension shall be permissible.

19. Service/Disciplinary action for furnishing false information & violation of Guidelines.

a. Any Headmaster (Gr.II)/Teacher, who has submitted false information and certificates shall be liable for disciplinary action in addition to prosecution, as per guidelines, apart from cancellation of transfer benefit and shall be re-posted to Category-IV & III area/leftover vacancy.

b. The HM/MEO/DyIOS/DyEO who have countersigned such false information shall be liable for disciplinary action as per AP CCA Rules in addition to prosecution as per guidelines.

ii. The Member-Secretary who issued orders in violation of these guidelines or instructions issued by the Commissioner of School Education from time to time in the matter shall be liable for disciplinary action as per guidelines.

iii. The transfer orders, once issued and the appeals are once disposed of and revision orders issued, shall be final, and the Headmasters (Gr.II)/Teachers shall join the place of posting without any further delay. For any unauthorized absence, the "no work-no pay' provision shall apply besides disciplinary action, as per guidelines.


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