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PRC 2022 - Revision of Pay Scales, 2022 - MASTER PAY SCALES - Department wise Cadre Scales

PRC 2022 - Revision of Pay Scales, 2022 - MASTER PAY SCALES -  Department wise Cadre Scales

 Public Services - Revision of Pay Scales, 2022 - Department wise Cadre Scales - Uploaded - AP Finance Portal - Regarding 

Circular Memo No. 1960939/5/PC-TA/2023, Dated: 13.03.2023.

Ref: G.O.Ms.No. 1, Finance (PC-TA) Department, Dated: 17.01.2022.

 In the reference 1st cited, Government have issued comprehensive orders for implementation of Revised Pay Scales, 2022 to the State Government Employees, duly mentioning at Notification 2(4), 3(1) & (2) of said GO which are as follows:

Para 2 (4) : “Revised Scales of Pay, 2022” means the Revised Scales of Pay set out in column (4) in Schedule-I.

Para 3(1) :Except as otherwise provided in sub-rule (2), the existing scales of pay specified in column (2) of Schedule-I, shall be revised as specified in the corresponding entry in column (4) of the said Schedule.

Para 3(2): The Department should adopt the corresponding Revised Scales of 2022, with respect of Revised Scales of Pay, 2015 (Schedule II of G.O.Ms.No. 46, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Department, dated: 30.04.2015) for all posts of their Department.

  1. The Employees Associations have represented to the Government, requesting for implementation of departmental cadre wise Scales provided in Vol.III Schedule II by 11th PRC Committee report in respect of RPS-2022 which is available in Public Domain.
  2. Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby uploaded the Corresponding Revised Scales of 2022, with respect of Revised Scales of 2015 as ordered in the reference 1st cited, in the AP Finance Department Portal.
  3. All the Secretariat Departments and Heads of the Departments are informed that the Corresponding Revised Pay Scales of 2022 with respect to Revised Pay Scales 2015 are available in the public domain.
Download AP RPS 2022 REVISED PAY SCALES - Departments Cadre Scales

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