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SCERT AP-2022-23 Academic year - Summer vacation- summer activities-communicating certain instructions

 SCERT AP-2022-23 Academic year - Summer vacation- summer activities-communicating certain instructions

RC.No.ESE02/400/2023-SCERT Dated:25/04/2023

Sub: School Education - SCERT AP-2022-23 Academic year - Summer vacation- summer activities-communicating certain instructions - reg. 2. Procs.Rc.No. SE02/316/2023-SCERT Dated:30/03/2023.

Ref 1. Academic calendar 2022-23.

All Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Officers, and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are aware that, the academic year 2022-23 activities will be closed by 29th April 2023. As the summer vacation approaches, it is our duty to ensure that the time of our young students is utilized in a constructive and meaningful way. In order to provide the students with opportunities for growth and learning, it is requested to conduct various summer activities in your respective districts.

Summer activities can be focused on various areas such as academics, sports, arts, vocational skills etc.. These activities should be designed in a way that not only to engage the students but also help them to acquire new skills and knowledge. We have attached some suggested activities here with which can be conducted.

The main objective of these summer activities is to ensure that the students do not lose their academic momentum during the break and to provide them with a platform to develop their interests and hobbies. In addition, these activities will also help to inculcate teamwork, leadershipdiscipline, life skills, values etc. among the students.

It is suggested to conduct these summer activities in collaboration with various NGOs, educational institutions, and local community organizations. These collaborations will not only provide the students with exposure to new experiences but also help create a sense of community involvement.

All district-level monitoring officers are requested to take this matter seriously and make the necessary arrangements for conducting these summer activities. The activities framed and planned in your districts should be acknowledged to this office with proper documentation.

To conduct summer activities, the participation and planning of teachers are crucial. In this regard, the following instructions should be disseminated to teachers:

1. Class teachers must create WhatsApp groups with their students.

2. Teachers should ask students to maintain a notebook for summer activities and submit it at the time of reopening.

3. Teachers should keep in touch with the students and encourage them from time to time to monitor their activities.

4. Teachers should gather students' activities in the form of pictures, videos, and reports through the WhatsApp group.

5. All the activities done by the students during summer vacation should be presented at the time of re-opening ceremony of schools.

6. Make sure to create a schedule of activities and share it with the students and their parents.

7. Encourage students to read during the summer break and suggest a list of books that they can choose from.

8. Conduct online classes, webinars, or workshops on topics of interest that are relevant to the students' academic and personal growth.9. Assign students projects that will enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills.

10.Encourage physical activities such as sports, dance, or yoga, and provide students with resources and guidance. 

11.Provide students with opportunities to engage with their peers through online activities or virtual events.

 12.Keep in touch with the students and their parents through regular communication and feedback.

13.Finally, gather students' work and share it with their parents, showcase it on the school's website or social media handles to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts.

Encl. List of proposed summer activities.

 SCERT AP-2022-23 Academic year - Summer vacation- summer activities-communicating certain instructions Download


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