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Instructions to DyEOS -MEOS regarding Inspections and Visits - RECORDS - REGISTERS IN SCHOOLS - VISIT PROFOMAS DOWNLOAD

Instructions to DyEOS -MEOS regarding  Inspections and Visits - RECORDS - REGISTERS IN SCHOOLS - VISIT PROFOMAS DOWNLOAD


Present: S. Suresh Kumar, I.A.S., 

Procs.Rc.No.30-55-2023-A&I-CSE Date:06/08/2023

Sub:- School Education - Instructions to DyEOS/MEOS regarding Annual Tour Programmes, Monthly Tour Programmes, Inspections and Visits for strict adherence-Issued

Reg. Read: 1) A.P. Educational Inspection Code-1996.

2) A.P. Educational Institutions Inspection and Visits Rules 1998. 

3) This office Procs.Rc.No.21/A&I/2015 dated 31.10.2015. 6) This office Memo.No.30023/6/2023 A&I-CSE dated 01.03.2023. 7) This office Proc.Rc.No.ESE02-30/45/2023-A&I-CSE dated

4) This office Procs.Rc.No.212/A&I/2019 dated 01.03.2020. 

5) This office Procs.Rc.No.156/A&1/2020 dated 03.08.2020. 23.06.2023.

The attention of all the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in the state is invited to the references read above, and they are informed that, as per provisions contained in the references 1st & 2nd cited and instructions were issued in references 3rd to 6th cited, the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers (I and II) in the state are requested to prepare their Annual Tour programs, taking into consideration their job charts, offices/institutions within their jurisdiction, and the powers entrusted to their respective offices/posts for conducting inspections/visits. These programs should be submitted to the District Educational Officers in triplicate by the 1st week of April. The reviewing officer should approve and return the programs to the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers in the state by the 1st week of May.

Accordingly, the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers in the state should prepare monthly Tour Programs that align with the approved Annual Tour Programs and reflect their job charts. The DEOS should ensure that the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers in the state perform their inspections and visits according to the monthly tour programs. Any deviations or omissions should be carried over to the next month's tour program or covered in the succeeding month without fail. These should be verified by the DEOS whenever possible.

However, the higher authorities of the School Education Department have observed that this practice is not being followed properly. Consequently, theperformance of all inspecting and visiting officers has become routine and is no longer conducive to the effective supervision and administration of institutions and offices of the School Education Department. This situation ultimately affects the maintenance of standards in the Department's institutions and offices, which contradicts the spirit behind creating these positions and establishing the system. In this context, the following instructions may be issued to the DyEOS/MEOS in the state for better supervision and administration of the institutions and offices of the School Education Department:

Instructions to DyEOS -MEOS regarding  Inspections and Visits - RECORDS - REGISTERS IN SCHOOLS - VISIT PROFOMAS DOWNLOAD

1. DyEOS/MEOS should have the lists and boundaries of each institution/office within their jurisdiction, and they should be familiar with their job charts and the powers vested in their respective posts.

2. DyEOS/MEOS should prepare an Annual Tour Program reflecting all the institutions/offices for conducting inspections and visits, taking into account their job charts, and the offices/institutions within their jurisdiction and the powers entrusted to their offices/posts.

3. DyEOs/MEOS should prepare ATPs (Annual Tour Programmes) in triplicate by the 1st week of April of the ensuing academic year and submit them to the DEOS for approval without fail.

4. The DEOS shall approve the ATPs and return them to the DyEOS/MEOS by the 1st week of May of the ensuing academic year without fail.

5. After receiving their approved annual tour programs, DyEOs/MEOS should prepare their monthly tour programs in accordance with the ATPS and communicate the monthly tour programs to all the respective institutions and offices at least 15 days in advance.

6. In the event of non-receipt of approved ATPs from the DEOS within the prescribed time, DyEOS/MEOS should assume that their ATPs have been approved and proceed with the preparation of monthly tour programs.

7. All tour programs should include the institutions and offices prescribed in their job charts for conducting inspections and visits, as far as possible.

8. The number of inspections/visits to be performed by the DyEOS/MEOS has already been prescribed in the references cited. Therefore, all inspecting officers should adhere to the prescribed number of offices/institutions and time limits.

9. All DyEOs/MEOS should maintain their tour diaries in the prescribed format and submit them within the scheduled timeline for review of their performance by the DEOS. 

10. The matters to be considered during the inspections and visits of institutions/offices are prescribed in the annexure that has already been issued. Accordingly, all inspection and visit reports should be submitted in the prescribed proforma to the DEOS immediately after performing inspections/visits. 

11.DyEOs/MEOS should submit their tentative tour programme for the succeeding month to the reviewing authority by the 25th of every month.

12.DyEOS/MEOS should submit their Monthly Tour Diaries, visit reports, and inspection reports on or before the 6th of the following month. 

13. The DEOS should review all inspection and visit reports and provide advice/guidance for rectifying any defects mentioned in the reports, both in terms of academic and administrative matters.

14. The DEOS should review the Tour Diaries of the inspecting/visiting officers within their jurisdiction and submit a compliance report by the 10th of every month. 15.All DyEOs/MEOs should take necessary steps to review all the government flagship programs, such as Amma Vodi, Jagananna Gorumudda, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, Nadu-Nedu, etc., specifically sponsored by the government, for effective implementation.

16.In the case of deviations/violations identified in the reports during the reviewing process, they should be brought to the notice of the DEOS during the monthly program reviewing meetings, and suitable guidance should be sought from higher authorities. The advice and guidance received should be implemented, and feedback should be reported to the DEOS.

17.For the purpose of performance appraisal of each DyEO/MEO, punishments to be imposed on defaulters in terms of coverage ATPs, monthly tour programs, job charts, and rectification of defects shall be communicated separately after obtaining approval from the DEOS. 

18.DyEOS/MEOS should visit schools during Morning Assembly Time, Instruction Time, Lunch Time, and School Leaving Time.

19.Defaulters in all the above aspects should be dealt with as per the rulesand regulations covered in the APCCA Rules 1991, following the prescribed procedure.

The instructions emphasize strict adherence to the given guidelines without any deviation. Failure to comply with the instructions will result in each case being reported to the undersigned for further necessary action.

Further, the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Education Officers in the state are instructed to ensure the implementation of these instructions by the DyEOS/MEOS within their jurisdiction without fail.

S Suresh Kumar Commissioner


1. Pupils Attendance Register
2. Teachers Attendance Register
3. Admissions Register
4. Record Sheet / Transfer Certificate Register
5. Dropout Register
6. Census Register
7. Marks Register
8. Consolidated Attendance Register
9. C.L. Register
10. MDM Register
11. MDM Utilisation Register
12. AGR
13. Visit Book
14. Inspection Register
15. Cash Book
16. Stock Register
17. Library Stock Register
18. Library Issue Register
19. Laboratory Stock Register
20. Complaint Box Register
21. English Lab Register
22. Grant received and Utilisations Registers
23. Movement Register




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