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Job Chart of MEO-1 & MEO-2 Work Distribution of Mandal Educational Officers I & 2 GO No 89

  Job Chart of MEO-1 & MEO-2 Work Distribution of Mandal Educational Officers I & 2 GO No 89

Read: G.O.Ms.No.89,School Education (SER.I) Department, Dated:30.10.2023.
Rc.No. ESE02-11022/18/2023-EST 2-CSE, Dt: 01/11/2023 

Sub: School Education – Job Chart and Work distribution between the posts of Mandal Educational Office I and Mandal Educational Officer II – Orders –Communicated -Reg.

  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.154, School Education (Ser.I) Department, Dated:16.9.2022.
  • 2. Govt.Memo.No.1438516/Ser.I/Al/2021, Dated:14.06.2023.
  • 3. From the Commissioner of School Education, Lr.Re.No. 11022/18/2023-EST 1-CSE, Dt: 14.10.2023.
In the G.O. 1st read above, the Government have issued orders creating (i) 13 MEO-I posts and (ii) 679 MEO- II posts for effective monitoring of the academic and non-academic activities, subject to issue of the detailed orders duly mentioning the work distribution between MEO-I and MEO-II posts and also modified the existing 666 MEO posts as MEO-I posts.

2. In the reference 2nd read above, the Government have accorded permission to fill up the posts of Manda! Educational Officers-II (i) with the existing MEOs of Z.P Management (by transfer) and (ii) with the Headmasters Grade-II in Z.P.Management Schools (by transfer based on seniority and willing), subject to the outcome of all the Writ Petition(AT)s/Writ Petitions/Contempt cases and SLP if any pending before the Hon'ble Courts.

3. In the reference 3rd read above, the Commissioner of School Education, has submitted proposals for distribution of the work between the posts of Manda! Educational Officer-I and Manda! Educational Officer-II and to issue Job charts to the posts of Manda! Educational Officer-I and Manda! Educational Officer-II.

4. Government, after careful examination and keeping in view the recent academic and administrative reforms in School Education Department, have decided to accept the proposal of the Commissioner of School Education and accordingly, hereby issue orders distributing the existing work/functions between the posts of Mandal Educational Officer-I and Mandal Educational Officer-II as detailed below.

 The detailed job chart of Mandal Educational Officer-I and Mandal Educational Officer-II are appended to this G.O as Annexure- I & II. :

Functions of Mandal Educational Officer-I:

A. Academic Functions
  • 1. Inspections and Visits
  • 2. Training to teachers
  • 3. Quality Initiatives
  • 4. Assessments
B. Administrative Functions
1.Establishment and Recognition of Schools
2. Strengthening of Schools
3. Teacher Service Matters

C. Other functions assigned by the authorities.

Functions of Mandal Educational Officer-II:

A. Academic Functions
1. School Readiness and Enrollment Drives
2. Mainstreaming of Out of School Children
3. Vocational Education & Children with Special Needs
4. Managing of Child Database and UDISE
5. Co-curricular and Extra Curricular activities (SGF, Science Exhibitions, NCC, NSS, BS & G)

B. Administrative Functions (Schemes)
1. School Transformation Programme (Nadu-Nedu), Digital Infrastructure, Learning Material to Students(JVK)
2. Mid-day Meal Program (Jagananna Gorumudda), Grants to Schools & School Sanitation (SMF & TMF)
3. Direct Benefit Transfers/ Ammavodi
4. School Safety and Student Safety, Campaigning for Girl Child Safety

C. Other functions assigned by the authorities.

5. The Commissioner of School Education shall take further necessary action accordingly, in the matter.


(Annexure-I to G.O.Ms.No.89, School Education (Ser.I) Dept, Dated: 30.10.2023)


1. Inspections and Visits: Academic Calendar, draw a program for the academic year for the inspection, surprise visits, follow-up visits and annual inspections, duly focusing on student learning outcomes, reviews on the observations made during the inspections and visits, etc.

2. Training to teachers: Identification of need-based training for the teachers and conduct of teacher training and organization of Seminars and Workshops to ensure that all teachers are professionally sound to impart the teaching-learning process in a better manner, School Complex meetings as per the schedule and to share the observations of the visits and inspections to the Headmasters/Teachers, capacity building programme, teacher training registry, teacher association meetings, etc.

3. Quality Initiatives: all programs defined for ensuring learning outcomes among students, impact study on the programs implemented, to share the best practices, conduct field visits/exposure visits to the schools of best practices, field visits to the students, TLM/Science exhibitions, to ensure that the digital infrastructure supplied to the schools is functioning and the teaching-learning practices are technologically enabled.

4. Assessments: formative and summative assessments and to ensure the marks are posted online and disseminated to the parents, remedial teaching for slow learners, National Assessment Survey (NAS), Student Learning Achievement Survey (SLAS) etc.,


1. Establishment and Recognition of Schools: Sponsoring proposals for opening/temporary recognition/permanent recognition of Schools and for the upgradation of Schools to District Educational Officer, Mapping of Schools as per guidelines issued by the Department, Scrutinizing applications for recognition and grant-in-aid in respect of Non-Government Schools and request for ad hoc grants wherever applicable, to identify unrecognized institutions in the jurisdiction and report to authorities.

2. Strengthening of Schools: Verifying the cadre strength of each School and estimating the vacancy position/requirements of posts, Sponsoring proposals for the sanction of additional posts to Schools to the District Educational Officer, Identification of surplus posts as per rules and sponsoring proposals for the transfer of posts to needy Schools with provision.

3. Teacher Service Matters: Drawing and Disbursing of salaries of teachers, service registers, annual grade increments, pay fixation, sanctioning of leaves, pension proposals, to propose disciplinary action against the teachers to the District Educational Officer, support the district authorities while conducting teacher transfers and promotions.

C. Other functions:
attendance issues, teachers attendance and students on-line alternative arrangements in respect of single teacher schools (If any) where the teacher is on leave/training/on duty, 
to support the Mandal Educational Officer-II in performing his/her duties in the Mandal, 
to maintain the rapport with line departments viz, Village & Ward Secretariat department, Women and Child Welfare Department, Panchayat Raj Department, Health and Family Welfare Department etc., and to attend any other work as entrusted by the Higher authorities.


ANNEXURE-II to G.O.Ms.No.89, School Education (Ser.I) Dept, Dated:30.10.2023)

A. Academic Functions:

1. SCHOOL READINESS AND ENROLLMENT DRIVE: Creating School ambience for Children enrolment, monitoring Enrollment drives, conducting motivational programs with parents and organizing "Samoohika Aksharabhyasamu" programmes.

2. MAINSTREAMING OF OUT OF SCHOOL CHILDREN: school-age children database, tracking of never enrolled and dropout children and to enroll them into Special Training Centers, monitor the function of Non-Residential and Residential Special Training Centers and ensure that children enrolled in such centers are mainstreamed in their ages­ specific class etc.

3. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Convergence with the Women and Child Welfare Department, visit the Bhavitha Centers and ensure that all CwSN are enrolled, monitor the job chart of the IERTs etc.

WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: UDISE+, Child Info, performance indications such as GER, NER, Transition Ratio, and dropout ratio etc.

5. CO-CURRICULAR AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: co-curricular and extra-curricular activities suggested in the academic calendar, to identify the skills among the students and to encourage them to be profession -by coordinating with the Secretary, School Games Federation (SGF), NCC, NSS, Science Exhibition convergence with all line departments to promote the students as per their interest in co-curricular/extra-curricular activities.

B. Administrative Functions (Schemes):


identify the infrastructural needs, minor repairs of the schools and send proposals, monitor the civil works, distribution of textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, uniforms and other learning materials supplied by the government, to take necessary action on the low performing schools with regard to digital infrastructure utilization and e-content utilization etc.


indent, cooking agencies, Bills, online reporting system, hygiene, ANM visits, utilization of SMF & TMF etc.

3. DIRECT BENEFIT TRANSFERS/ AMMAVODI: financial assistance to the mother, transport allowance, reader allowance, escort allowance, stipend for CwSN etc., Scholarships, social audit for all the DBTs.

4. SCHOOL SAFETY AND STUDENT SAFETY, CAMPAIGN FOR GIRL CHILD SAFETY: safety pledge, evacuation plans, complaint box, Iron and Folic Acid tablets distribution, good touch and bad touch awareness to Girl Students, visits of Mahila Police, awareness on child abuse, child safety, POSCO Act etc.,

C. OTHER FUNCTIONS: Social Audit of School, School Leadership training and Capacity building for the School heads (Principals/Headmasters), maintain the rapport with line departments viz, Village & Ward Secretariat department, Women and Child Welfare Department, Panchayat Raj Department, Health and Family Welfare Department etc., to support the Manda! Educational Officer-I in performing his/her duties in the Manda!, to attend any other work as entrusted by the Higher authorities.

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