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NISHTHA 3.0 - 4.0 Re Running on Diksha APP Schedule - Course Joining Links

 NISHTHA 3.0 -  4.0 Re Running on Diksha APP Schedule - Course Joining Links 

Sub: - Samagra Shiksha, AP - Quality Initiatives - Rerunning of NISHTHA 3.0 & 4.0 on DIKSHA platform/APP - Instructions issued – Reg.

Ref:- F.No.20.25/2023-24/DICT/CIET/NCERT, Dt:19.12.2023 of the Joint Director, CIET-NCERT, New Delhi.

The attention of the District Educational Officers, Principal Govt. DIETs and the Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are invited to the ref cited and it is informed that in pursuit of the outlined goals in the National Education Policy (NEP), the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has initiated the NISHTHA program in collaboration with states/Union Territories (UTs) and autonomous bodies.

NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) for NIPUN Bharat is specifically aimed at all teachers and school heads from pre-primary to class V, making it a mandatory training program.

There are a total of 12 courses offered in NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) (Details given in Annexure-1)

NISHTHA 4.0 for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) was initiated on 29th August 2022, with the objective of training the initial beneficiaries. This includes MEOs, CRPs, DIET faculty from the School Education Department, as well as PDs, CDPOs, and Supervisors from the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) setup under the Women and Child Welfare Department. NISHTHA 4.0 comprises six courses (Details given in Annxure-1).

To ensure the completion of courses by all teachers and school heads, NCERT has taken the initiative to reopen NISHTHA 3.0 and NISHTHA 4.0 courses, and states have been directed to follow suit. With the aim to maximize outreach and ensure the completion of courses by all teachers and school heads, a request is made to rerun all NISHTHA (FLN) & NISHTHA 4.0 (ECCE) Courses for the academic year 2023-24, as per the following schedule.
  •  Enrollment End Date: 1st March 2024
  • Course End Date: 20th March 2024
Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), guidelines, and course links accompanied by QR codes for the rerun of NISHTHA 3.0 and 4.0 are provided in Annexure-1 (enclosed).

To obtain a certificate, beneficiaries are required to successfully complete 100% of the course material and achieve a minimum score of 70% in the end-of-course assessment, with a maximum of three attempts allowed. 

From the pool of certified candidates, NCERT will subsequently choose master trainers for the upcoming phase of training. This second phase will concentrate on training Anganwadi teachers and is scheduled for rollout in the next academic year. 

The following staff members from Samagra Shiksha and SCERT, Andhra Pradesh have been designated as coordinators for the effective implementation of the NISHTHA 3.0 and NISHTHA 4.0 rerun program in the state.

Name    of Training   Name    &    Institution    of    the Coordinator Nature  of coordinator
NISHTHA (FLN) 3.0 Dr. A. Suhasini, SIEMAT Academic
NISHTHA (FLN) 3.0 Ms. Saritha, SCERT Academic
NISHTHA (FLN) 3.0 Dr. T. Mahammad Ismail, SAMO Technical
NISHTHA (FLN) 3.0 Mr.  Shrideep   Mohapatra,  Digital learning consultant. APSS Technical
NISHTHA (ECCE) 4.0 Ms. Kasula Rama Mani, SCERT Academic
NISHTHA (ECCE) 4.0 Ms. KRM Prathista, SIEMAT Academic
NISHTHA (ECCE) 4.0 Dr. T. Mahammad Ismail, SAMO Technical
NISHTHA ECCE 4.0 Mr.  Shrideep   Mohapatra,  Digital Technical

To enhance the effective implementation of the program and ensure a 100% completion rate for teachers' courses the MEO-2 are responsible NISHTHA 3.0 at Mandal level and Academic Monitoring Officers at district level. 

Further, AMOs and Principals of Government have joint responsibility to ensure the 100% completion of NISHTHA 4.0 by CRPs, MEOs, and DIET faculty.

Therefore the District Educational Ofcers, Principal Govt. DIETs and the Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are instructed to oversee the implementation of the program and further instructed to conduct weekly review meetings with Principals of DIETs, Academic Monitoring Ofcers (AMOs) to ensure efective monitoring and coordination.

It is requested to disseminate course links and schedules to facilitate a smooth rollout of the programs.

NISHTHA 3.0, NISHTHA 4.0 Courses Links

Nishtha 3.0 English Links

  1. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394797503179980816618
  2. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795612654796816892
  3. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795711333990416513
  4. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795871414681616537
  5. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795966584422416498
  6. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796075325030416524
  7. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796212097024016568
  8. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796321152204816598
  9. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796482450227216622
  10. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796558342553616935
  11. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796665208012816578
  12. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796787882393616961


Nishtha 3.0 Telugu Links

  1. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749820680519681414
  2. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749841510236161530
  3. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749865527705601392
  4. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749884811427841346
  5. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749900856852481372
  6. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749910944972801420
  7. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749918499307521411
  8. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749927992197121436
  9. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749936347054081441
  10. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749946831175681513
  11. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749956376084481458
  12. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_3139749963788861441396


Nishtha 4.0 is required to be completed by all CRPs, MEOs & DIET Lecturers.

Nishtha 4.0 Links

  1. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795174537625616871
  2. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795513368576016870
  3. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394795786026188816389
  4. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796003604070416590
  5. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796205480345616897
  6. https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31394796469817344016915




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