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AP Grama Ward Sachivalayam GSWS Employees Transfers 2023 GUIDELINES GO NO 5

 AP Grama Ward Sachivalayam GSWS Employees Transfers 2023 GUIDELINES GO NO 5

AP Grama Ward Sachivalayam GSWS Employees Transfers 2023 Dept., of GV/WV & VS/WS - Human Resources - Transfers and Postings of Village and Ward Secretariat employees - Guidelines / Instructions - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.05  Dated: 25.05.2023.

 Read the following:

 G,O.Ms 110, PR & RD (Md1_1) Department. dated 19.07.2019.

  1. G.O.Ms 217, MA & LSD (UBS) Department, dated 20.07.2019.
  2. G.O.Ms.No.156, General Administration (Cabinet-II) Department, Dated: 21.12.2019.
  3. G.O.Ms.No.05, GVVVV & VSVVS Department, dated 25.06.2022.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.03, GVVVV & VSVVS Department, dated 17.04.2023.
  5. G.O.Note.No.555-SPF-A/91/1, G A (SPF-A) Dept., D1.04.10.1991.
  6. G.O.Ms.No.389 General Administration (MC-I) Department, Dt:06.07.2021
  7. Circular Memo.No.7232/MC-1/2011-1, General Administration (MC-I) , Dated: 04.08.2011.
  8. From the Director, GVANV & VS/WS, Vijayawada received through e-file bearing computer.No.2072708. Dt:09.05.2023.
  9. G.O.Ms.No.71, Finance (HR.IPLG. & PLG. & POLICY) Dept., Dt.17.05.2023.



The Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced the concept of N1AVARATNALU as the core theme of governance in order to revamp the delivery systems of Government services with an aim to improve the living standards of the people. To achieve this objective, the Government of Andhra Pradesh had established a system of Village/ Ward Secretariats consisting of required functional assistants to strengthen Gram Panchayats and Wards in the G.Os 1st & 2nd read above and recruited the functionaries during 2019 and 2020 and their probation has been declared vide G.O.s 4th and 5th read above.

 In the reference 9th read above, the Director, GVNVV & VSNVS, Vijayawada has stated that a number of Village and Ward Secretariat Employees are approaching the Government to consider their requests of transfer on spouse, mutual and other grounds and requested the Government to issue necessary orders in the matter.

 In the G.O., 10th read above. Government have issued guidelines for transfer of employees for the year 2023 and also the existing ban on transfers of employees is relaxed for the period from 22nd May to 31st May to ensure right placement of employees to secure optimum productivity and commitment to furtherance of Government's development objectives.

 After careful consideration of the matter, the Government hereby issue the following guidelines for transfer of employees in Village and Ward Secretariats.

 Principles for Transfers and Postings :

  1. The GSWS employees recruited under 2019 and 2020 Notifications, who have completed two years of service and completed probation as on the date of issue of this orders are eligible to apply. These orders are not applicable to Energy Assistants.
  2. All the transfers shall be entertained on request basis only.
  3. Application for transfer shall be submitted through ONLINE.
  4. The unit for transfer is the unit of the appointment i.e., erstwhile Districts.
  5. Transparent declaration of vacancies: HOD's at the erstwhile District Level shall publish the list of vacancies available under the respective designations.
  6. Not more than 20% of staff under any designation working in the present district shall be disturbed.
  7. If a Mandal / ULB has less than 50% staff working under any designation inflow should match the outflow.
  8. Employee will be provided an option to declare their choice Mandals ULBs.
  9. No request transfer will be considered for the employees to any Village/Ward Secretariat in their native Gram Panchayat / Ward.
  10. Request of employee having any disciplinary charges / ACB / Vigilance cases pending against him / her shall not be considered.
  11. Employees shall produce No Dues Certificate' from the MPDOIMunicipal Commissioner as the case may be along with their request transfer application.
  12. The Applications are submitted via online with self- attested details by the employees.
  13. Once the application timeline is closed, Verification of applications through online will be taken up. Provisional seniority list in each category based on merit rank is displayed in the Portal.
  14. Objections can be uploaded with proof in the Portal. Objections are redressed and replies will be posted by respective HoDs at District level.
  15. Final Seniority list in each Category shall be displayed in the Portal.

  Grounds of transfer:

Applicants are arranged into the following two (2) Categories

  • CATEGORY A— Within the District Transfers
  • CATEGORY B — Inter District Transfers

Applications for transfers within the District are processed first followed by the Applications for inter District transfers. The employees who get Inter District transfer shall take the last rank among the Employees of the opted erstwhile District of the same designation irrespective of the year of recruitment.

 CATEGORY A - Within the District Transfers:

All the Applicants who are requested for transfer are arranged into the following priority groups:

  1. Single Women/Widow
  2. Medical Grounds (either Self or Spouse or dependent children or dependent parents) suffering from Cancer, Heart Disease, Neuro -Surgery, Kidney transplantation, Bone TB.
  3. Husband and Wife cases (only one of the spouses is eligible). Such applicants shall invariably produce (a) Marriage Certificate and (b) Certificate from the employer along with the employee ID, whose spouse working in the State Government including Public Sector Undertaking/State Universities/Municipalities/Cooperative Institutions/Aided Institution etc/ Central Government / Central Government Institutions/ Central Universities etc shall be considered. Applicants are serially arranged in each of the above Priority group based on the Merit rank in their respective District Selection list.
  4. Mutual transfer — Provision for only one option of Mandal 1 ULB will be provided in the Portal.

 CATEGORY B Inter District Transfer

 Applications are allowed only on the following two grounds as per the instructions issued in the references 6th to 8th  read above.

(I) Spouse Grounds

(ii) Mutual Requests

Note: Requests for transfer on any other grounds shall not entertain.

  • Request transfer on Spouse grounds: Employee whose spouse working in the State Government including Public Sector Undertaking/State Universities/ Municipalities/Cooperative Institutions/Aided Institution etc / Central Government / Central Government Institutions/ Central Universities etc shall be considered. Such applicants shall invariably produce (a) Marriage Certificate and (b) Certificate from the employer along with the employee ID.

Applicants are serially arranged based on the Merit rank in their respective District selection list. In case of a tie, Women employees are given priority followed by Date of Birth.

  • Mutual transfer — Provision for only one option of Mandal/ULB will be provided in the Portal.

Procedure of issue  of Transfer Proceedings:

  1. Logins will be given in the Portal to the Secretaries of the concerned Line Department for effecting Inter District transfers and Appointing Authorities for effecting transfers within the Districts.
  2. Transfer proceedings for transfers from one District to another District shall be issued by the Secretary to Government of the concerned Line All such proposals on inter-district transfers shall henceforth be routed through GA (MC-l) Dept., before obtaining orders in Circulation duly following the guidelines issued in the references 6th to 8th read above.
  3. In the first instance, the Employees are allotted to Mandal / ULB in the Portal itself.
  4. Thereafter, the respective Appointing Authority allots the specific Secretariat in the Mandal /  ULB to the employee on transfer by means of counselling procedure.
  5. Appointing Authorities i.e. the District Collectors, Regional Directors of Municipal Administration, Deputy Directors of Tribal Welfare Department, Assistant Directors of Survey & Land Records, Joint Directors of Agriculture Department. District Officers of Sericulture Department, Joint Directors Fisheries, Joint Director Animal Husbandry. Superintending Engineers of Public Health Department. Regional Deputy Directors of Town & Country Planning Department and Regional Directors of Medical & Health Department shall issue final transfer proceedings.

It shall be noted that if any employee submits false information / documents and also the Officer who countersigned the same are liable for disciplinary as well as criminal action.

 The employees shall not be eligible for TTA I DA and joining time as the transfers are affected at their request

 The process of transfers within district shall be completed by 10th June, 2023.

 The Director, GV/VVV&VS/WS, Vijayawada shall take necessary action to prepare a schedule of transfers and communicate to all the concerned.

 This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their U. O .No. HROPDPP(TRPO)/123/2023 (Computer No.2076553), Dt:11.05.2023.

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