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Nishtha_ECCE_Course5_Eng_School Readiness B


1. ____________ is not a key constituent of school readiness.

Answer – Readiness in communities

2. Children’s socio-emotional development is the foundation for their ____________

Answer – cognitive development

3. The period considered as the “Critical periodof life is _________

Answer – 0-6 years

4. The medium of instructions during the foundational stage, as far as possible should be __________

Answer – the mother tongue

5. Children get ready to learn ____________

Answer – At birth

6. ______________ is not a numeracy skill.

Answer – Phonemic awareness

7. Children learn to read mechanically through simple decoding, but without much comprehension if their __ is not ensured

Answer – oral language base

8. Children who show poor readiness are likely to have _______________

Answer – low school achievement

9. The domain which includes children’s problem solving skills, socio-conventional knowledge, and logico mathematical abilities is _________

Answer – cognitive

10. The concept of school readiness expects children to be able to _________

Answer – be active, communicative and creative

11. Early childhood is a critical period of development for learning social and emotional skills, also known as ___________

Answer – mental health

12. _______________ is not a component of language development.

Answer – Representational thought

13. Over 90% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of

Answer – 6

14. The stimulating learning environment at home can be created by providing ____________

Answer – magazines, story books, toys, manipulatives and rich interaction

15. The main reason for divide between parents expectations and their actual support for the education of children is ____________

Answer – Parents and teachers are not properly oriented on the development of meaningful partnerships

16. The foundations for reading and writing is

Answer – good oral language

17. The following is not a key skill for language learning ___________

Answer – Data handling

18. A not so beneficial way to involve parents and community members in the preschool programme is by ________

Answer – writing letters and mails only.

19. A record of students growth over a period of time is known as _______

Answer – portfolio

20. NEP 2020 stated that we are in a ‘learning crisis’ as a large proportion of children are

Answer – not able to read and write as per their grade levels

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