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Nishtha_ECCE_Course6_Eng_Birth to 3 year Early Intervention for special Need

1. The full form of ECCE is :

Answer – Early Childhood Care and Education

2. First 1000 days refers to :

Answer – Days from conception of the mother to 2 years of the child

3. According to NEP 2020 ECCE benefits

Answer – All children from ages 0-3 years

4. ECCE is essential for :

Answer – All children

5. The following is a Red Flag for 12 months to 24 months :

Answer – Does not use two – word sentences by 2 years

6. If a child is unable to have head control and has difficulty in grasping, clapping and reaching out to objects then the child might have :

Answer – Cerebral Palsy

7. UDL stands for :

Answer – Universal Design for Learning

8. If a 6 months old baby raises her/his arms to be picked up by parents, the developmental domain does it represent is :

Answer – Socio – emotional domain

9. An early sign of Specific Learning Disability is :

Answer – Delayed language and speech

10. An accessible Teaching Learning Material is one, which :

Answer – Promotes participation of All learners

11. Delay in development means :

Answer – Child has not gained the developmental skills compared to others of the same age

12. The following skills is related to socio-emotional domain :

Answer – Expressing feelings

13. In the first 3 to 5 years, the child’s brain development is :

Answer – 85%

14. The following is not a responsibility of a preschool teachers :

Answer – To assist in delivery of the child.

15. Early identification is to :

Answer – Find out the disability as early as possible

16. Deaf – Blindness means :

Answer – A child who cannot hear and see

17. The following is not a prime stakeholder in ECCE :

Answer – Lawyers

18. The third D in 3D’s of development stands for :

Answer – Disability

19. The following statements is true

Answer – Development varies from child to child

20. The approach that should be practiced in a child friendly classroom across the foundational stage is :

Answer – Play – way, toy based, child centred approach 

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